Valley Farm Farmyard

Nestled in Valley Farm and surrounded by breathtaking mountain views you will find our farmyard.

Come and visit our collection of rescued animals:

  • Petunia and Sweet-Pea Pig (Potbelly Pigs)
  • Ola and Magnum Goat (Cameroon Dwarf Goats)
  • John-Boy Grey (African Grey Parrot)
  • Kitty, Maya, Maggie and Cocoa Cat (Cats)
  • Gaggle of Geese
  • Brood of Chickens
  • Team of Ducks
  • Posse of Turkeys
  • Flock of Birds (Darwin pigeons, fantails, cockatiels, budgies, finches and canaries)
  • Warren of Rabbits
  • Litter of Guinea Pigs

There is no charge to visit our farmyard but you are more than welcome to leave a donation for their care and upkeep.

Children can play on our awesome jungle gym, run around in our play area or splash in our amazing splash pools while parents can relax and soak up the magical views with their children in sight.

Please note that we do not allow access into the animal enclosures. This decision was necessary to protect our beloved animals from unruly behaviour which we cannot always control.


Tuesday to Sunday 09:00 to 17:00
Monday – Closed



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021 790 3803 or 021 790 5030